Women Of 3 Generations Wear The Same Outfit To Show The Bond We Have With Our Mothers

What it means to be a woman has thankfully evolved over the years, but it's true that some things never change.

The bond between a mother and her daughters, for example, remains forever strong despite changing seasons or even centuries.

This photo series features females from different generations in their families all wearing the same outfit in the same setting, providing an artistic expression for the belief that matriarchal bonds are not easily broken.

The series, entitled "Mutters Shuhe" (Mother's Shoes), by photographer Nina Röder is set in her childhood home, and shows various images of grandmother, mother and daughter.

The women are all wearing the same retro looks and posed in the same nostalgic spots, which pay homage to Röder's own mother, who was a hairdresser and Bavaria native.

The images all focus on scenes that Röder's mother would have been a part of.

Röder said she used the recreation of these scenarios to get closer to her now-deceased mother and to understand her better.

The photos are an interesting perspective on how we often walk in our mothers' shoes.

Hopefully this series inspires young women to know they come from a line of strong females before them, and commit to recreating their successes while also forging a story of their own.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Nina Röder