Better With Tongue: Why Adventurous Women Always Fall For An Accent

by Lauren Martin

Women want romance. Women want adventure. Women want men who know how to use their tongues.

Is there anything sexier than a man with an accent? Or a woman with rolling R's? To me, accents are like muscles and a good tan, they distract you from what’s really there.

They are hard to look past to see the real person because they really are so damn charming.

But what is it about accents that make us swoon? What is it about the twang of the south and the posh sophistication of the Brits that leave us lightheaded and unable to hear or see correctly? What is it about a man with a long draw that leaves us longing for more?

According to research, it’s not the specific accent that gets us all hot and bothered, but what that accent represents, what it stands for and where it comes from.

We like accents because we like things that are different, we like culture. If you’re worldly and want to live a life of travel and intrigue, you’re most likely going to be attracted to someone with an accent for the unconscious association with the adventures and life it brings.

According to Adam Gabbatt of The Guardian, “Just listening to a voice with a foreign accent can prime people to see a situation according to the values of the foreign culture, if they have ties to it — or it can reinforce the standards of their own culture, if they’re ‘monocultural.’”

There’s no denying we are attracted to cultures other than our own. We create these preconceived notions of worlds outside our tiny one and gravitate toward people who represent these worlds.

Any woman looking for that great love, full of adventure and excitement, is going to fall head over heels for a man with an accent because, well, just his voice gives her an opening to another world.

He’ll bring you the whole world with just his tongue

You don’t have to say anything, just keep talking…

With just his words, he’s able to transport you to another world. Just being close to him is like being far away.

According to an article published in Glamour on our attraction to accents, there’s less emphasis on the actual sound of the accent than the cultural and social associations attached to the accent.

Basically, we’re attracted to what we’re gong to learn about that person with the accent, what cultural differences he or she is going to bring with him or her.

According to Emily Nguyen, a Ph.D. candidate doing research in linguistics at New York University, “There’s a perception that British English is smarter, and maybe that has to do with our idea of British people being smarter regardless of language.”

Nguyen also found that Asian accents, along with ones linked to brown skin or third-world countries, are less appealing to Americans because of what their culture represents to them.

Deeper voices mean deeper meanings

According to a study in Psychology Today, accents have a very strong effect on our attraction. Things like pitch, rhythm and speed affect how we respond to people.

Men are usually attracted to women with higher pitched voices, whereas women are attracted to deeper voices because deeper voices are correlated with height.

A deep voice is even more correlated with evolutionary processes and thus, our unconscious desire to produce with a fertile or strong partner.

Women like men with accents because they like strong voices. Voices are one of those profound traits that can make or break a man.

A man with an accent is always going to be at the top of the evolutionary heap. We can’t help ourselves.

He gives you a sense of belonging you've never had

According to the British Council, accents are associated with social groups that represent regions or social standings. Thus, we may be attracted to the kind of group we’d be entering if we partner up with that accent.

We want the life the accent brings, not just the accent. We want to go to Italy with our Italian lover and lie on the beach with our Australian native.

We want to live in the chateaus that we assume our French man grew up in and eat the tapas of our Spanish soulmate.

He gives you an escape

A man with an accent is a respite from the norm. He’s a comet in a dark sky and a burst of life in our dead routine.

With just his voice, he gives us an escape. With just his aura and presence, you feel like you, too, could escape to another world.

Many of us live chained to our fanciful desires – to venture, to get up, to leave everything behind.

We dream of exotic romances and foreign flings. We seek adventure, mystery and the life we read about as young girls.

These men, the ones who can transport us to their worlds with just their words, are as good as gatekeepers to the life we always wanted.