Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods, And It's Absolutely Amazing


Last fall, female Twitter users began sharing period-related stories on the social media site with hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod.

The hashtag, which emerged in November, encourages women to speak openly and honestly about their menstrual cycles, often through hilarious, relatable anecdotes detailing the struggles of womanhood.

Last week, Jenna Wortham praised the social media movement in a piece for The New York Times Magazine.

She believes the hashtag, while often humorous and lighthearted, has the potential to eliminate some of the social stigma associated with menstruation and female reproductive health.

She wrote:

Wortham's piece sparked a resurgence in the hashtag's popularity among Twitter users.

It's not surprising: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports two-thirds of women have some sort of pain during their periods and up to 85 percent experience uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms.

It's no wonder we need to vent.

Check out some of the best posts below.

Women from all walks of life are hopping on the #LiveTweetYourPeriod bandwagon.

The shared stories of struggle are spot-on (pun totally intended).

Some ladies are offering advice for how to cope....

...while others offer confirmation you're not the only one to have that problem.

Some have taken the 'tag a little too literally.

But, who cares when we feel like this?

Or this:

Or this:

Our individual struggles may vary...

...but we're all thinking the same thing.

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