Women In The US Are More Likely To Die During Childbirth Today Vs. 20 Years Ago


Maternal mortality rates are on the rise in the US, according to an updated report released by the World Health Organization last week.

The study shows that compared to 20 years ago, maternal mortality rates in America have increased by 136 percent. In 1990, 12 women out of 100,000 died during childbirth, and in 2013, that number more than doubled.

Although maternal mortality rates decreased in most countries around the world over the past 20 years, this isn't the case for the US.

The WTO report attributed the increase to a variety of factors including lack of health insurance, an increased number of C-sections, obesity, diabetes and women having children later in life.

Finland, Norway and Sweden pulled the lowest maternal mortality rates of all, with four deaths per every 100,000 births. Conversely, over one third of all maternal deaths that occur happen in Nigeria and India.

H/T: Mashable, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It