Far From Role Models: Women Who Give Women A Bad Name

by Elite Daily Staff

We're all for championing women and empowering the females in this world. That being said, what we're not for is women who time after time set us back with their intolerable actions. The ladies we see in the media everyday should be using their fame and power for good. But instead, we constantly have to endure hearing about Miley Cyrus twerking all over Rosie the Riveter's grave - further perpetuating terrible female stereotypes.

These are the ladies that make us shake our heads in astonishment and disgust when we hear about how they cheat, lie and sometimes even kill. Were we immediately doomed when Eve bit the apple ? These are the girls who make Gloria Steinem question if all her progressive efforts were really worth it.

Here are the ten women who give the rest of us a bad name.

Casey Anthony

She killed her kid and got away with it. And then didn't reveal how she did it. Not cool.

Paris Hilton

She didn't kill anybody, unless you count the one time we had to listen to her single.

Octomom Nadya Suleman

Voluntarily gave birth to eight children and then filmed an adult porno, "Octomom Home Alone." She's going to be a great role model. There's a 1/8 probability that her spawns will grow up to be normal.

Huma Weiner

More like Huma-liation, am I right? Seriously girl, do yourself a favor and divorce that dick (pics).

Tara Reid

Sometimes when we're having really, really bad days, we remember that we could have been born as Tara Reid and then we feel a whole lot better about ourselves. Perhaps the only good thing that ever came out her vagina acting was "National Lampoon's Van Wilder."

Monica Lewinsky

The only thing we hate more than cruddy women are ironic cruddy women. After her huge scandal, Monica Lewinstitties became the host of the reality television dating program, "Mr. Personality," in which she helped young women contestants pick men hidden by masks. She was an expert at nailing the selections.

Heidi Montag Pratt

You are married to a guy who has an even bigger p*ssy than you do (but don't worry, we hear there's plastic surgery to correct that these days, too!). You were probably already used to ten hours on the operating table, since you accomplish everything lying on your back.

Paula Deen

We hope she chokes on her 1,000 calorie pie washed down with a bottle of Crisco. She's probably responsible for eating Tupac.


Thanks to her, we Jersey girls now have to prove to men that we're not all alcoholics and gremlins.

Any Kardashian of Your Choosing

They're basically all the same terrible person, just swap ass sizes.

Top Photo Courtesy: WENN