Women Experience Depression Differently Than Men, And Are More Likely To Be Diagnosed

Women are twice as likely from men to suffer from depression, but the gendered differences experienced with this illness don't stop there.

According to research and studies compiled by The Huffington Post, depression in women can appear very different than a similar condition manifested in men.

Due in part to biological reasons, women who suffer from depression are more likely to ruminate on those negative feelings and thoughts, and are also more likely to become depressed as a result of a stressful event.

Women are also more likely to develop depression alongside an eating disorder, proving that one mental illness can exacerbate or contribute to developing another.

Men also feel depression differently. Their symptoms are harder to diagnose than women's, so depression in males is often undetected.

Men are also more likely to abuse alcohol or another substance as a result of their depression, and unfortunately commit suicide at a higher rate than women following their diagnosis.

via Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It