Women Break Down All The Dumb Ideas People Have About Periods (Video)

My ex had a way of dealing with my sh*tty moods.

When I got pissed he didn't do the dishes, he'd ask, “Are you on your period, babe?”

He's my ex for a reason.

Let's face it, most men just don't get periods. To them, it's like we suddenly turn into leaky blood faucets and get irrationally angry about every little thing.

CollegeHumor created a novel video explaining, once and for all, that periods aren't gross.

It's not our fault our bodies menstruate. It's all because there's a gory demon who lives inside us, making periods happen.

We have to listen to him, too, or he'll unleash his wrath by plunging the world “into a hellscape of our own making."

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