Women Rejoice! You Can Now Buy Tiny Penis Sculptures To Bring With You Everywhere (NSFW)

It's the one thing you never knew you needed, but fear not, ladies — thanks to the "Bring Your Dick to the Table" series, you can soon own (and carry around with you everywhere?) a tiny penis (because you definitely haven't already had enough of those in your life).

Artist Holly Wilson said she first decided to create these mini male genitalia when she felt she was getting cheated out of a business deal.

"My heart and my feet went heavy; my lips went dry. I reached for my lip balm and zing! I thought I could let this take me over or I could hold onto my 'dick' and negotiate as the equal I am, not how he was treating me, like some kid who didn’t know any better."

Wilson said that the one-and-a-half inch penis sculptures, which will be cast in sterling silver, white bronze, and 10 karat gold, can be an empowering tool for women.

"Sometimes you need that little bit of courage, that little reminder that you can hold in your hand, or have on you, that says you are equal. That you are worth it. That you should be treated fairly in everything you do everyday."

While Wilson said that the sculptures might be something that can help women get the confidence they need, I think we can all agree that having a d*ck certainly doesn't make you any better, or more capable, or more deserving than those without.

Even Wilson pointed out the ridiculousness in the belief that this biological differentiation bestows more power on men:

"Is this the only thing that's separating us? Because if so, I've got mine right here. So can we get down to business already?"

Wilson is attempting to expand her project and bring these mini phalluses to a store near you through a Kickstarter campaign.

She's already received $9,888 pledged donations of her $11,250 goal.

H/T: Huffington Post