Retailers Fined For Misleading Labels

The world is constantly pushing for eco-friendly products as of late, and many retail companies are jumping on the green bandwagon. This is encouraged, but completely wrong when companies will go so far as to lie to be accepted by the green community.

Macy’s, Amazon, Sears and Leon Max are a few companies who have made efforts to sell products labels as eco-friendly and made with bamboo textiles to entice their more environmentally conscious customers. Apparently, the Federal Trade Commission was concerned that the textiles were not in fact made of bamboo and concluded that they were in fact made of rayon.

Mislabeling rayon products, as bamboo is a violation of the Textile Products Identification Act, which has led to a combined fine of $1.26 million for their mishap. What’s worse? The FTC claims that the retailers were warned over a span of two years via letters of their mislabeling, but their letters had gone ignored.

All four labels have settled with the FTC charges: Sears will pay $475,000, Amazon will pay $455,000, Macy’s will pay $250,000 and Leon Max will pay $80,000.

Ally | Elite.