People In Relationships Are Not The Only Ones Too Busy

Having a full time job is stressful. Not only is your entire day consumed with work, which obviously leads to stress, but your other habits become affected as well. Add being in a relationship onto that, and it seems as if you have time for nothing.

We’re young, and most of us are stressed by this. So I can only imagine how people with families can accomplish this balance. Everyday I think of how my parents did it and it still surprises me. One would of course think that people in relationships are more tied up while working.

I mean, isn’t that why so many people choose their career over a career and a relationship? Because there’s no time to do anything but take care of yourself and your work? Not exactly.

Researchers at Michigan State University have just found that single ladies, and men, are having just as hard of a time trying to balance their jobs and all of the things they want to accomplish outside of work. The stress from trying to balance this is causing singles with careers to be less satisfied in their careers and more depressed.

So why do people opt out of relationships in favor of a career if they’re going to be equally as stressed? Maybe that’s a study for another time.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images