More News On The Pay Gap

The economy has certainly been improving. In February, the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent, the lowest rate in four years. The Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate among adult women was below the national average, at 7.0 percent.

Great news for Americans and the economy, but there is still one issue that has yet to change, even with all of this improvement: the pay gap. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research released a report on the gender wage gap last week, and it seems that in 2012, the pay gap increased.

In 2011, the pay gap was 17.8 percent, and in 2012 the pay gap increased to 19.1 percent. Professions like office clerks, cafeteria workers and health technicians garner equal pay, but the gap is at its highest amongst jobs such as physicians, surgeons, stock brokers and insurance agents.

When will this aspect of the economy improve?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images