Deal With Those Difficult Coworkers

We all have this problem. By human nature it’s impossible to get along with every person we come in contact with, and that’s okay. You’re not supposed to like everyone, and if you do, you’re just weird.

The trick to dealing with people you don’t get along with, especially in the work place, is to obviously, rise above it. Who cares if a co-worker of yours doesn’t particularly get along with you? Who cares if you don’t like them? Who cares if they’re miserable? That’s something they have to deal with, and you, are in the clear.

Of course there are some times when rising above a miserable co-worker does no good. Sometimes, co-workers can be vindictive and manipulative. In this instance, talk it our and stay calm before you do anything rash. Most bullies (yes, I’ll use the word bully) are taken aback by people who are straightforward.

If it gets out of hand, say something to your boss, but not in a tattletale sort of way. Simply let your employers know about the problems you two are having, and be sure to say that you’re worried it’ll affect both of your performances.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images