Counterfeiting Loses Again: 1,500 Fake Hermes Bags Seized


The past few years have been ideal for high-end designers, in the sense that authorities have really been cracking down on counterfeiting. This past month, $14.1 million worth of counterfeit Hermes handbags were seized at L.A. and Long Beach Ports.

Two separate shipments from China were seized, in which 1,500 fake bags were discovered. Some people are huge fans of purchasing counterfeit purses, but the reality is, this practice is a lot more dangerous than it seems.

Not only is counterfeiting bags a breach of intellectual property which eliminated sales that may damage our national economy, smuggling counterfeit bags supports terrorism and other black markets, due to the illegal nature of producing such products.

Stop counterfeiting and most importantly, stop supporting it by purchasing false designer products.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images