Five Bad Stereotypes Of A Successful Woman

A woman in business is super common now, and that’s great, but women forerunners, leaders, and executives are still few and far between. It’s such a major success to be an accomplished businesswoman, but there are some negative connotations that come with the job.

A successful businesswoman should be respected and admired, but for some reason, there are still many stereotypes that come with being an executive. These stereotypes can of course be accurate in some situations, and there are triple as many male executives who no doubt share these stereotypes as well… it’s just frustrating when one assumes that a woman automatically has these bad attributes.


One of the most mentioned stereotypes is that a female executive is heartless and cruel and that that attribute was her means of rising to power.

Single and Lonely

One of the most frustrating stereotypes of a woman in power is that she is so consumed with her work that she is incapable of maintaining a relationship.


Some think that a female executive has more masculine qualities than the average woman.


This isn’t necessarily a characteristic of just women; many business executives have been called conniving, mainly by those who suffer from jealousy.


Of course, the age old stereotype: women can never be as strong as men. This is also the most inaccurate stereotype.


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