Anna Wintour Attempts To Save Lucky Magazine


Lucky magazine has slowly been suffering. The move of print media to online sources has been daunting on magazine companies. Lucky Magazine has been dropping ad pages over the past few years, and had been suffering from flagging circulation.

Lucky’s editor-in-chief Keith Kelly turned to Anna Wintour for help. Wintour was recently promoted to Conde Nast’s artistic director and serves as a kind of one-person consulting firm for Conde Nast’s publications.

Wintour is taking her position very seriously, and is attempting to help Kelly as much as she can. She has taken up residence at Lucky to take a very hands on approach to saving the magazine.

Part of her strategy has been to bring on former Teen Vogue editor Eva Chen. Eva is not particularly on Lucky’s staff just yet, but has been brought on to work on the re-vamping project with Wintour.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images