Angelina Jolie Uses Jewelry To Fund A School

We’re all aware of Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian work. The woman is a walking philanthropist, and it’s a miracle she has enough time to raise her, rather large, family with all of the charity work she takes part in.

Her latest project is rather admirable. Jolie is opening an all-girls school in Afghanistan, which is completely funded from proceeds from her jewelry collection, Style by Jolie.

Forbes is reporting that the school is located just outside the capital city of Kabul and that it hosts up to 300 students.  Not only that, but this is the first of many schools Jolie plans on opening.

Jolie and Robert Procop designed the jewelry collection that funded the project, a Beverly Hills based jewelry designer. Every piece that’s sold in this collection will help build schools in needy areas around the world.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images