Women Are Now Covering Themselves In These Beautiful Gold Tattoos

I've always been a huge fan of body art.

It all started when I discovered temporary tattoos at the bottom of a Cracker Jack's box.

Given the chance, I probably would've covered myself from head to toe in Disney princess designs, but thankfully, my mother never let me have more than one or two at a time.

Now, temporary tats are making a serious comeback, and this time, they're not just for kids.

If you've been paying attention to the latest beauty trends, you may have noticed a lot of women going for gold and sprucing up their skin with all sorts of incredible, metallic body art.

These fancy little foils are actually temporary tats called flash tattoos, and they come in a variety of shiny statement pieces and gilded geometric shapes that let you add some sparkle to your skin.

Whether you decide to deck out your digits, wrap them around your arms or simply add some bling to your back, you'll be sure to step up your style and look like a chic boho boss all summer long.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome gold tattoos.

Temporary tattoos aren't just for kids.

All sorts of women are rocking foiled ink... flash tattoos take over the boho beauty scene.

These little tattoos add some sparkle to your skin.

They come in all sorts of glittering geometric shapes...

...and delicate designs.

These super cool tattoos are like semi-permanent jewelry...

That look like brilliant bangles...

Beautiful body chains...

Eye-catching arm cuffs...

New-age necklaces...

...and bold body jewels.

Some girls are even wearing these foil tattoos on their faces.

These temporary tats last four to six days...

...and make you look like a glamorous goddess.

Flash tats are the perfect accessories for summer.

You can step up your festival style with a glimmer of gold.

You can rock beautiful 2D jewelry at the beach.

And you don't have to ruin or lose your real accessories.

Plus, they look great no matter where you put them.