Women Are Celebrating Their Bodies With Powerful #NoThighGap Photos

Ah, the thigh gap. The blank space between a woman's legs, Photoshopped to oblivion by thousands of fashion magazines, is property more coveted than anything you'll find in New York City.

But, a new generation of women transitioning to adulthood in the age of social media is taking charge of the way the female body is represented.

The Instagram trend #NoThighGap is slowly taking over, inviting women of all sizes to share the way their legs touch when they sit or stand.

Even actress Lena Dunham uploaded a photo of herself in support.

The photos aren't designed to shame those who have a thigh gap; they represent a kind of woman not often seen in popular media.

Dozens of women are sharing their images.

There aren't any thigh gaps in this workout.

And there are none for this strong girl, either.

This woman enjoys her beach vacation without the slightest hint of one.

Thighs that touch are perfectly normal.

It's time to stop pretending they're taboo.

Thighs are totally unique.

They don't make you a failure or a success.

Show them a little love...

Whether you're wearing hot pants...

...0r long pants.

After years of faking thigh gaps, women are all about the curves.

#NoThighGap and proud.

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