Woman's Death Star Dress Is The Perfect Halloween Costume For 'Star Wars' Nerds (Photo)

by Gillian Fuller

The Edmonton Expo, a comic and entertainment convention in Edmonton, Canada, was held this past week.

Traditionally, visitors dress up in costumes representing their favorite characters, comics or stories.

Undiscovered Photography was at the Expo, taking photos of the coolest costumes they spotted on showgoers. They spotted one chick who’d make any "Star Wars" nerd weak in the knees.

The woman, known as “Lady Death Star,” created a Death Star Dress after the spacecraft in the "Star Wars" movies.

Apparently, the outfit — which took over 100 hours to make — weighs over 20 pounds, thanks to the steel wire hoops used to shape the skirt and the LED lighting studded throughout.

Also included in the skirt’s construction are foam tiles (about 900 of them) and 12 D batteries.

The crafty woman originally wore this creation to the Calgary Comic Con back in April. Everything, with the exception of the small badge on her chest, was created completely from scratch.

For full details on how the get-up came to life, head to Lady Death Star's blog.

H/T: i09