Woman's Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Mastectomy Sent Her On A Mission To Create The Perfect Nipple

by Liz Rowley

Michelle Kolath Arbel lived through one of the hardest and most profoundly humanizing experiences -- being diagnosed with cancer.

Beating the darkness back with brute force, Arbel swerved her brush with illness in an amazing and inspiring direction.

In July of 2010, Arbel had just completed her studies at NYU and was hoping for a second child with her husband.

Disaster stuck when a malignant lump surfaced in her breast, and she succumbed to seven months of cancer treatments that ended in a single mastectomy.

Like many breast cancer survivors, the mastectomy was a an enormous blow to Arbel's psyche. She had breast reconstructive surgery, but was dissatisfied with the results.

Seeing a lack of personalization when it comes to chest prosthetics, and drawing on the marketing degree she earned at NYU, Arbel took matters into her own hands.

In 2012, Arbel realized her dream of starting her own business. Her company is called Pink Perfect, and specializes in custom-made prosthetic nipples.

An instant success, Arbel garnered much recognition for her aim and for her story that intrinsically informed her product. In 2013, she was named Israeli Entrepreneur of the Year by the Keren Shemesh Foundation.

Pink Perfect has already filled more than 200 orders since they launched, and are sure to expand once word gets out. Surely a company literally conceived from the heart space can't fail.

 via PolicyMic, Photo Courtesy: Pink Perfect