Woman With No Shame Decides To Live-Tweet Her Daughter's Birth (Photos)

As if social media wasn't invasive enough, mother Lyndsey Thomas has decided to bring all of her Twitter followers into the delivery room and live-tweet the entirety of her labor.

From her first tweet at 8 am sharing her excitement to recording her first breastfeeding session 20 minutes after the baby was born, it's all there with the the hashtag #lyndseygivesbirth.

Regarding her decision to make her very private moments so public, the 34-year-old says,

When I got there I thought, 'what can I do to pass a few hours before it all kicks off?' I wanted to capture as much as I could, even during my contractions. It was a way of keeping my mind off the pain and telling friends what was happening.

Thomas also says it was a "social experiment." She was glad to see that reactions were very positive: People were guessing the time she would give birth and the weight of the baby.

By 11:30 in the morning, Lyndsey had the doctors and midwives of Whittington Hospital pose with her in a picture of the labor ward.

I have a bed on labour ward! #pregnant#labour@BritMums follow me and tune in at — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014
Hard work this supporting the wife whilst she's in labour lark. #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014
#epidural in #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014

Other Tweets included asking if she was having contractions:

Am I having contractions? timed 2, 15 secs each 13 minutes apart. Will see if another comes along before calling midwife #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014

Giving everyone some great details:

2cm dilated - a cm more than yesterday. #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014
F**k me this hurts like hell! #contractions #every2mins #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014

And even administering a health lesson:

Demo on how the cervix & uterus works. Anyone else no the cervix is like a finger? — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 16, 2014
Fearne Eileen Thomas born at 01.04 weighing in at 7.4 — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 17, 2014
20 minutes old & Latched straight on so mummy is on the toast @BritMums @Netmums #breastfeeding #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 17, 2014
Totally in love #lyndseygivesbirth — Lyndsey Thomas (@Lyndz_Thomas) May 17, 2014

I'm unsure how I feel about Thomas's decision to do this, but since almost everything else is shared via social media, I don't see why a pregnancy shouldn't be. At least she spared the gory details of the final stages. #placenta

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Twitter