Woman Sends Powerful Message With Her Shirt Choice During Fashion Week (Photos)

Although Kanye West and many other celebrities are vocal about the ways cameras interrupt their lives, there's something to say about the power of the media.

At the height of New York Fashion Week, two people used their time in front of the camera to spread a message about racism.

Shiona Turini, Cosmo's Fashion Marketing Director, wore a white T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan, "They Have Names."

The shirt listed the black men killed by the police this year. And while the men were all victims in entirely different scenarios, Turini is making sure no one forgets their deaths occurred.

The list includes Michael Brown, shot while unarmed earlier this summer, and Trayvon Martin.

Turini wore the shirt to menswear designer Pyer Moss's En Noir show. When he came out after the show, the designer had donned the same piece.

The fashionista Instagrammed the shirt, adding "#justice #myblackisbeautiful #mymenarevaluable #saveoursons."