Woman Told She Can't Pursue Rape Charges Because She Was Wearing Spanx

Although sexual assault is on the rise pretty much everywhere, prosecutors in the United Kingdom reported a drop in convicted rape cases last year.

It's not necessarily that fewer crimes are being reported, but perhaps that courts are making them harder and harder to prove — which isn't a good thing for victims who are already afraid, embarrassed and traumatized, and therefore less likely to come forward and describe their attack.

Just one example of the British justice system failing women who've experienced sexual violence is the woman who was told that she couldn't pursue her case because of the "type of underwear" she had on at the time.

The woman, who understandably refused to be identified, was wearing Spanx at the time. Because the tight shapewear is often difficult to peel off, its removal apparently indicates consent.

The drastic drop in convicted cases, which has fallen by nearly a third since 2011, tells female victims of assault — the very individuals whom the justice system should be helping — that they're the ones whose stories aren't being believed.

One thing's for sure: if lawyers and others are using lingerie type to determine if the sex was consensual or not, then justice is definitely not being served.

H/T: Opposing Views, Photo Courtesy: Splitsider