This Woman Never Saw A Dick Pic, So Her Friend Showed Her 89 At Once (Video)

"Hi, my name is Janet, and everybody's talking about dick pics."

That's one way to grab your audience's attention, Janet. Janet claims she's never received a dick pic, so her friends compiled a slideshow of 89 of them for her to look at. Her reactions to each penis are absolutely hilarious.

She describes them as wet, "not hard," short, curvy and big, round lollipops. One makes her think of the word "gerbil," and one reminds her of  scary movie.

In one picture, she thinks the guy has simultaneously photographed his penis and is "fingering his butthole."

The way she differentiates between an uncircumcised and a circumcised penis is also impressive.

I really wonder what the one she said she'd "want to receive" looks like.