100 First Dates: This Woman Will Go On 100 Dates This Summer To Break Monogamous Habits

A woman who's been jumping from long-term to longer-term relationships for her entire adult life is trying to break her habit by going on a summer-long dating marathon and posting her experiences on her Tumblr, 100 Dates of Summer.

Elise Moreno has been on 28 dates so far in locations from Berlin to Jamaica to Amsterdam, mostly with men she's met on OKCupid.

She has luckily only experienced a few immediate blunders so far: a "dating coach" who took her to McDonald's and ate her food and a guy who brought his ex-girlfriend to the date.

Others have started off promising and then turned into disaster. Her 14th date, for example, was with a Southern rocker whom she nicknamed "Mr. Success."

He seemed interesting at first, but then got blackout drunk and tried to name-drop music industry contacts in a futile attempt to impress her. She declined his request for a second date.

Some dates were very successful throughout. "Specs" invited her upstairs to his apartment to browse his record collection after the two met for cocktails, "Pants" met her for beers at an outdoor bar and surprised Moreno when he picked up the tab and "J" hung out with her at a music festival.

Moreno is a self-proclaimed sucker for glasses and a beard. "Typical, I know," she joked.

She hopes her dating experiment inspires other people to break their own personal dating habits and venture into new territory. Moreno said, "I'm asking everyone to leave their hang ups at the door and go after what they want, not what society or anyone else has told them they deserve."

Through this project, Moreno realized that she is in full control of her love life:

I know it's really a basic lesson, but it's easy to forget that you have total control of what your future looks like.

She hopes her dates continue surprising her, like "G" who took her to a BDSM kink meet-up and "The Aussie" who rode bikes with her in Amsterdam.

via Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr