Woman Documents Home Birth Of Her Child With Series Of Honest And Uncensored Posts And Photos

by Elite Daily Staff

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I am scared sh*tless of giving birth. Even the thought of being pregnant makes me uneasy. I would attribute most of my fears to the lack of knowledge I have surrounding the subject.

Sure, I've seen the nauseating health videos of babies popping out of birth canals like they're gum balls from the machine, but those don't adequately portray what the mother is going through. (Probably because I'd never want to have kids if I really knew...)

And I've never had a close friend or family member become pregnant (yet), so the experience and body transformation feel very distant to me.

Basically, all I've heard is that it hurts more than anything in the world and in some extraordinarily tragic scenarios, the woman can even die. Great, can't wait!

Enter: Ruth Iorio, a real woman who, from the moment her contractions began, posted in real-time her uncensored thoughts, feelings and photos on Facebook and Twitter.

Her aim, she told The Huffington Post, was to show "[her] unique experience, whether attractive or not and just to be honest about it."

Throughout her 12-hour birth, Ruth tweeted about everything from crippling back pain to praise of her mid-wife, along with candid photos in the tub and of her water breaking.

Soon after she gave birth to her son, Nye, at home, Ruth was transferred to a hospital because her placenta failed to detach.

At the hospital, her placenta was delivered, and she received blood transfusions because she had lost a significant amount of her own.

But Ruth still did not stop her live-reporting, writing, "sexy granny panties with massive industrial sanitary towels to catch all the blood #ruthshomebirth." Hmmm, I don't think this is helping my cause...

After spending two nights at the hospital for observation, Ruth Iorio was able to return home to her little bundle of love. Her intimate portrayal of her childbirth experience was beautiful, raw and fascinating and gives us a closer look at what the experience is really like.

....Which is exactly why I won't be having kids any time soon.

In the beginning, it seems like giving birth is kind of the worst Pilates class ever.

Erratic timing. Back pain. Fuck, this really does hurt. #ruthshomebirth — Ruth Fowler (@fowlerruth) December 26, 2013

Then there's the Missing In Action report for her mucus plug. I don't know what this is, but judging by her virtual pain, I think I'd like to keep mine.

Finally lost my mucus plug. Doula arrived. This shit fucking hurts. #ruthshomebirth — Ruth Fowler (@fowlerruth) December 26, 2013

Who looks more miserable waiting around for 12 hours, the midwife or Ruth?

At least she can finally have a drink!

This is what we call multi-tasking.

Ruth sits on a ball to relieve her excruciating back pain and resists all temptation to bounce around the house.

This is kind of what we look like the morning after, only way, way worse.

Ruth's water finally breaks. Everyone is grateful it happened in the tub

So, you're saying the pain was worth it?

Congrats! Now you get rewarded with copious amounts of drugs that you weren't allowed to have for nine whole months, sweet!

Do they sell those at Victoria's Secret?

BRB, we have tend to our melting hearts after this precious gem

Via: The Huffington Post, All Images Courtesy: Facebook