Woman Behind On Rent Creates Plot For Landlord To Rape Teen Girl To Repay Him

by Katie Gonzalez

Proving that people can be truly vile, one woman helped a man target and repeatedly rape a teenage girl.

Her motivation for becoming an accomplice to such a heinous act? She was behind on her rent, and this agreement enabled her to get away without paying for the month.

Muriel Coleman (50) allegedly helped her landlord, Hassan Akhtar (37) stalk and repeatedly rape a teenager between December 2012 and March 2013.

Coleman has admitted to two counts of assisting in the rape of a young women, but Akhtar has continued to plead not-guilty the the four counts of rape and one count of attempted rape he's been charged with.

The Durham, UK, residents were caught by police when the young woman confided in a friend that Akhtar had raped her in his flat while his family was away, visiting relatives in Pakistan.

Akhtar supposedly gave the girl gifts and said he would help her with her career in order to keep her quiet.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr