6 Reasons Musicians Are More Romantic And Better In Bed

Musicians get a bad rap, and you know what? It’s entirely undeserved.

I, for one, have had nothing but good experiences with musicians.

Take, for instance, my very first Bumble date. He was a teacher, but also played guitar in a band comprised of him and four friends.

He wrote his own songs and found nothing more romantic than serenading me via FaceTime with a new verse or a chorus he was working on.

He was cute, smart and funny. The vibes between us were authentic. He also thought spending hours on his hands and knees was de rigueur, which I understandably appreciated.

We didn’t work out because some force in this universe insists on ruining all the good d*ck that comes my way.

Still, it made me realize musicians are truly the crème de la crème of the dating pool.

1. They’re damn good with their fingers.

Guitarists, violinists, guitar players and, yes, DJs all use their hands as part of their job.

All that concentration certainly makes for a guy who knows how to use his fingers to their utmost potential.

Pro tip: Bass players are f*cking dangerous with their thumbs.

2. Let’s not forget their tongues.

Any girl who has ever dated a trumpeter or a horn player knows all that tongue work certainly pays off between the sheets.

A musician's music forces him to hit several different octaves just by moving his lips and tongue. As a result, he definitely knows how to put those muscles to work when he really needs to.

3. They’re insane multitaskers.

One track minds? Not musicians.

Trained musicians have the "superior ability to maintain and manipulate competing information in memory, allowing for efficient global processing," according to a study by York University.

That means if you tell him to grab milk on his way home, he might actually (gasp!) listen.

Also, multitasking is awesome in the bedroom. Duh.

4. They understand emotions.

Writing a song — let alone singing it — forces you to feel.

Musicians have to be tapped into their emotions at all times.

In my experience, musicians are never the type to be afraid to talk about what's on their minds.

They are way more articulate about what's going through their heads, and that’s a good thing.

It also means, yes, they will know exactly how to talk dirty.

5. They've got style.

Contrary to popular belief, I have never met a musician who didn’t know how to dress.

As long as he owns a pair of well-fitting jeans and a leather jacket, we’re in business.

Also, I’ve yet to meet a drummer who didn’t rock a five o’clock shadow with serious swag.

6. Their stamina is through the roof.

Do you know how much cellos weigh?

Lugging his guitar from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to the Upper West Side is a workout in itself.

He can lift without ever even having to step foot into the gym.

That means he can also keep going in bed, song after song.