Why Women Should Keep Their Heads, Heels And Standards High

by Jen Ross

Lola Stark may have said it, but ladies, you need to live it. If you stay faithful to these words, I can guarantee — well almost guarantee — that you will live a life full of energy, happiness and impeccable fashion sense.

We spend so much money adhering to workout trends and juice cleanses and trying to find inner peace that sometimes, we forget the easy things that can help us reach it.

Well, keep your head high.

We, 20-something lunatics, are living in a life in which we often get shutdown. Whether it’s an employment opportunity, a hot date, a new business venture or the scale at the gym, we are pretty used to the word “no” or “that’s a dumb idea” and the ever-so popular, “where’s the money in that?”

What we sometimes forget is that things actually happen for reasons that cannot be explained. Since we are unable, as humans, to realize this fact in the moment, we hang our heads low and hate ourselves like in “Legally Blonde,” when Elle Woods and Warner broke up.

Ditch the box of chocolates and like Elle, keep calm and apply to Harvard. Well, don’t actually apply to Harvard — but you get the picture. Staying poised and calm is the key to finding that “yes” for which you are searching.

Although we hate to hear the word “no,” it's important to realize that every “no” is one step closer to a yes. It might require you to take a few steps to get there, but if you keep that head perched up really high, chances are, you’ll get there.

Heels ladies, heels.

We love to love them, we hate to love them and we hate to hate them. Ultimately, walking on stilts serves two purposes: they make your bum look amazing and you will be envied by every woman who doesn’t believe she can pull them off.

But that’s just it — every woman CAN pull them off. I’m not suggesting you strap on your favorite pair of stilettos every day, but take pride in what you put on your body.

I get it, some days you just want to be a bit lazy and wear yoga pants all day. But, treat yourself sporadically. When you walk out of the house in the morning, feel empowered to be the super sexy boss lady that you are — use your outfit as the edge to get you there.

You should feel fabulous every day of the year, so if you feel up to it, put on your stilettos and throw some flats in your bag.

When in doubt of what to wear, black will always be your friend. If you need to add some color, I’m sure the red on your soles will do the trick.

Standards are a huge part of being an adult.

If you’re still stuck in sorority girl la-la-land, no, I am not referring to your standards board that banned you from socials last month.

I am talking about the standards to which you hold yourself and the people in your life! If you want to be happy, you need to make it happen.

Do so by setting your standards higher than you can imagine; if you want it badly enough, you won’t fall short. If you want that job promotion, get it.

If you want to move, do it. If you don’t want to hook up with the not-so-hot guy at the bar, don’t. Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

This goes for the people in your life, too. Don’t let your “friends” suck the life out of you like leeches. If you expect someone to do something for you or to respect you and your decisions, make it known. You will command respect from the sheer fact that you set the bar high.

Standards, heels and confidence that enables you to hold your head high are one in the same. Make the decisions that you know will lead to bigger and better things.

So what if means spending a large part of your paycheck on a new pair of heels? The fabulousness that you feel will radiate into your everyday life. Those things that you might have thought to be “problems” might melt away soon after that.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr