27 Reasons Why I Choose To Be A B*tch And Will Never Apologize For It

People throw the term "bitch" around like it's a bad thing.

It seems whenever you voice an opinion, stand up for something, someone or yourself, you're deemed one.

Honestly, if that's the criteria, I'll call myself a bitch before you do, and I'll be damn proud of it.

Since when did having a voice get you such negative backlash? Shouldn't this be something we encourage people to do?

Isn't this one of the biggest problems with people -- they aren't confident enough to speak their minds?

So why do I choose to be a "bitch?"

1. I refuse to let you play the dumb card.

There is absolutely nothing cute about being dumb, and you're out of your f*cking mind if you think I'm going to dumb myself down to your level.

Why people feel the need to downplay their intelligence is beyond me and frankly something I don't have time for.

2. I don't tolerate ignorant people.

If you entertain ignorant people, all this does is add fuel to their fire, forcing you to listen to complete and utter bullsh*t for extended periods of time.

3. I respect intelligence.

If you don't use common sense, you're not the person I want to be spending my time talking to.

4. I refuse to lie just because you can't hear the truth.

Why ask a question you don't want to hear the answer to? Giving you the cold, hard truth makes me a bitch?

No, that makes me honest and you unable to deal with the reality of the given situation.

5. I don't need anymore friends.

By age 25, you really have all the friends you need. Anyone else you meet from here on out is basically just a networking connection.

6. I don't care about your opinion.

Thank you very much, but I have my own. No, no seriously, I'm good.

7. I don't need your approval

Too many people feel the need to receive validation from others. What is that going to do for you and your life anyway? The only person's validation you need is your own.

8. I don't f*ck with people who are just going to f*ck me over.

There are certain people in life who are selfishly motivated. Why would I want to encourage them and make them believe they have some sort of place in my life? I don't...

9. I'd rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I'm not.

I'm not going to be overnice because you're oversensitive. This is who I am, and if you can't deal with it, that sounds like your issue.

10. I'm over bullsh*t.

There comes a point in people's lives when they realize they need to stop worrying about inconsequential bullsh*t and things out of their control.

The sooner you realize this, the better off everyone will be -- especially yourself.

11. I have no qualms calling you out on your sh*t.

In fact, I thrive on it. How are you supposed to know when you're f*cking up if people don't point out things you aren't able to clearly see for yourself?

Instead of calling me a bitch, maybe you should be thanking me.

12. I'm confident in who I am and what I stand for.

Instead of insulting me, you should probably try and figure out how to be more like me.

13. I don't need your 50 selfies on my news feed.

We've met, and therefore, I know exactly what you look like, so excuse me if I don't want to indulge your ridiculous behavior.

I also don't feel like seeing you bombard my feed with your kiss faces.

14. I know the difference between hot dogs and legs.

Your vacation pictures are all fine and great, but all they do is make me feel like sh*t about being stuck in my cubicle.

Please don't be offended when I unfollow you, or be offended -- it really doesn't make much of a difference to me.

15. I don't need a filter to be cool.

There are two types of females in this world -- those with a filter and those without a filter.

Being cool is speaking your mind, and if that means I'm a bitch, so f*cking be it.

16. I'm not afraid of what people may think when I speak my mind.

The more of a reaction I can get, the better. I don't speak in regards to how it'll make you feel; I speak because I have something to say.

17. I don't care what you have to say.

If I wanted to know, I'd ask.

18. I've met a million of you before.

There are too many carbon copies of the same type of person out there.

If you've met one, you've met them all, and just like the rest of them, I'm not interested in talking to you either.

19. I don't like wasting anyone's time.

Time is the most precious gift you have, so why would I waste it exchanging niceties with a person I don't event want in my life? For the sake of being polite? Who has time for that?

20. I'd rather be real than fake being your friend.

Shouldn't you be happy about this? Not only am I saving my own time, I'm saving yours as well. I know, you're welcome.

21. I don't need to take the easy way out.

Being nice is a boring cop out -- it's too easy to avoid preaching your beliefs. And how do people get ahead in life? They struggle and take the hard route.

22. I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

And you shouldn't be either!

23. I don't waste time telling you what you want to hear.

I only say things people need to hear. If you want reassurance of your values, go to a shrink.

24. Being selfish is the only way to get ahead in life.

You will never reach your full potential if you are constantly thinking of other people.

Sure this may sound cynical, but if you really think about it, it's the harsh and honest truth.

25. I value my time.

I don't have time to tiptoe around your feelings. I'm concise, raw and to the point.

26. I love myself and will never love anyone else as much.

Does this make me sound pathetic? Not in the slightest...

27. I put me first.

At the end of the day, the only person you have is you, so if who you are makes you a bitch, well congratulations -- you are one strong f*cking woman.

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