25 Struggles A Girl Knows Too Well When She Has Absolutely #NoFilter

by Ashley Fern

Everyone has those friends who, for the life of them, cannot muster a filter when they speak.

As much as this can be viewed as a negative trait, do you know how rare it is to find people who completely own who they really are and who aren't afraid to show it to the world?

Sure, maybe some comments here and there are inappropriate, but it's a hell of a lot better way to live your life than the alternative.

These people don't second-guess anything they have to say; they have an opinion and they want you (and everyone else) to know it.

These fortunate souls are outgoing, aggressive and full of spunk and that is something that should be embraced, not kept quiet. So for all you people out there with no filters -- this one is for you!

1. People know you for your mouth before anything else

You aren't sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it's better than being known as that passive-aggressive, timid person, right?

2. When people want the honest truth, you are the first person they go to

You are the designated person when it comes to the cold, hard truth. This is actually an amazing compliment because there are far too many people who can't tell it like it is.

3. You reveal way too much, way too soon

Sure, you may have too much experience with word vomit, but it's better people know more about you than less. Some people may think the opposite, but time is precious, so why waste it with people who don't appreciate you?

4. With you -- it's all or nothing

There is no middle ground when it comes to what you think and what you say. You live life in the extremes and you wouldn't want it any other way despite how uncomfortable you can make your friends feel at times.

5. You know all your friends are your real friends

Who else would be able to tolerate your incessant, outlandish behavior? Only true friends, of course. Plus, you don't keep anyone around you who doesn't lift you higher.

6. You don't believe in telling lies

Who the f*ck has time to tell lies and then remember them down the road? This is exactly why you are always upfront and honest. If you never tell a lie, you never have to try and remember the truth.

7. You become the authority on everything

For some reason, being outspoken makes you the leader. I guess it's because, regardless if you're a man or not, you've got the biggest pair of balls out of anyone in your group.

8. You don't coddle your friends, but you care for them

You may give your friends tough love, but that's only because you love and cherish them. You don't want them to make mistakes or put themselves in terrible positions.

9. You're feared and loved at the same time

As long as you own it, you can basically do whatever the f*ck you want.

10. You don't understand what biting your tongue means

How other people can hold back in certain situations blows your mind. This is a concept you've never been able to familiarize yourself with.

11. You're really trustworthy, but very open about yourself

Despite having no filter, you have no problem keeping your friends' secrets. Just because you have no issue flaunting what happens to you doesn't mean you can't keep certain things to yourself.

12. You over-share everything

It's better to over-share than to be shady though, isn't it? Yeah, I'll just keep telling myself that...

13. People are afraid to get into embarrassing situations when you're around

Because you will never, ever let them live it down. Sorry, they should've behaved better in your presence.

14. You get everyone's awkward situations out of the way for them

You are literally the voice of reason. If someone has an awkward situation going on, you always take responsibility. I mean, having no shame can really be a blessing.

15. Sometimes your passion is mistaken for rudeness

In this day and age, offending people is far too easy. This is sadly a situation you've found yourself in far too often.

16. People don't know what to make of you because you're just larger than life

People aren't sure if they should embrace you or be offended by the sh*t that comes out of your mouth. Why? Because they're too busy laughing.

17. The only filters you use are on your Instagram

And even then you still hashtag it "no filter."

18. Nobody in your group of friends will ever get the wrong order at a restaurant

Your biggest pet peeve is when people don't send back orders that were wrong. This literally makes no sense: You are paying to have something a certain way, why would you settle for anything less than that?

19. You become the one everyone leans on in situations... but you're also the one who gets everyone kicked out

You may be the person who helps everyone get into the bar, but you are also the person who gets everyone kicked out and banned.

20. You bring out everyone's extremes

You are the friend all of your friends want to do crazy sh*t with. For some reason (I guess it's obvious why), you are what these people need to gain the confidence they never had.

21. Friends don't have to think twice about what they say in front of you

Nothing anyone can say will ever catch you off guard. You've heard worse and you've most definitely said worse. Bring on the vulgarity, profanity and sexual innuendoes.

22. You have the last say on your friends' significant others

If and when your friends want an honest opinion of the guys they date, you better believe they are hitting you up first and foremost. The best part is they actually listen to you...

23. You're always the one at the bar ordering the drinks

Who else is better equipped at pushing through crowds and getting the bartender's attention? Sure, maybe one of your guy friend's thinks he knows what he's doing, but you know so much better.

24. You come with a disclaimer attached

Before your friends introduce you to someone, they first must warn the person before your big mouth catches that person off guard. It's too bad, too, because that's really half the fun of meeting someone new.

25. You don't do well with authority

This has been an issue since you've gotten kicked out of your second summer camp. Middle school was no easy feat and you better believe high school was a challenge.

Fast forward to that awkward moment past college graduation when you actually have to please your boss... or lose your job. I wish you luck! Lord knows we need it.

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