3 Reasons High-Heeled Snow Boots Are The Ultimate Winter Accessory

Shoe shopping in winter can be a little misleading.

Like, how are we supposed to wear those cute open-toe booties with tights when there's a fresh layer of muck and slush covering the sidewalks?

Not to mention, trying to find our balance in those slippery stilettos.

Come the first snow of the winter, slush and grit forces you into clompy snow boots, which aren't doing your wardrobe any favors.

After a few weeks of dressing in drab shades of grey and black, you're ready to bring the heat and kick up your heels again.

Over the past few seasons, labels like Hunter and UGG have slowly introduced chunky-heeled winter snow boots to their lines.

The surprisingly new style hit a note somewhere between pleasingly fashion-forward and comfortable, even if we didn't know what to make of them at first.

These boots don't come cheap, but they're worth it for the perfect combination of weather-appropriate footwear and professional, sleek workwear.

Invest in a pair of heeled boots, specially designed to handle ice and snow, and you'll be strutting those winter blues away in no time.

1. Add a little edge to your urban commute.

Winter presents less of a sartorial problem for those who commute by car to work (though you still need to change into driving shoes), but those of us using public transportation find ourselves in a conundrum: Is it worthwhile to haul two bags on the subway just to change in and out of snow boots each time we leave the office?

With their thick lug soles and often fur-lined insole, heeled snow boots are a heavy-duty version of the ones you wear during fall and spring.

It'll keep your feet warm while keeping you stylish and, most importantly, ensure you never slip and fall down the subway steps.

2. Never underestimate the importance of winter style.

It's proven when you dress well, you feel good about yourself.

It helps you perform your best -- and you need a host, especially in winter, which is full of end-of-year reviews and performance reports.

With the right pair of heeled snow boots, you'll exude the same confidence you feel on the inside.*

*And no, this is not a misleading ad for a tampon commercial.

3. Dress powerfully; gain respect.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology examined the way participants acted while wearing first a crisp lab coat and then an artist's smock.

They found those wearing the coat made half the errors of the people in smocks, proving we assign real significance to the outfit we're wearing.

There's a reason Wall Street moguls wear suits: They makes them feel like they run the world, the same way many of us feel when supported by the perfect pair of stilettos.

We're entitled to that feeling regardless of weather or season.