9 Basic Reasons Why Girls Still Won’t Approach A Guy First

by Sierra Paige Dennis

Chivalry: Is it dead or nah? That is the question.

In a generation in which women gladly take on the roles of being the moneymakers and don’t mind letting the man cook, you would think we wouldn’t be afraid to approach a man first — and some aren't.

As for the 90 percent of us who are, you have to question what we’re afraid of.

We don’t like the thought of someone not wanting us, so we walk by absolutely gorgeous prospects and think about their smiles all day long. We probably let potential Prince Charmings walk by daily, for the silliest of reasons.

We’re in the age of proud feminists and even prouder stay-at-home dads, so why do we still cringe at the thought of going up to that hottie at the bar?

Here are some thoughts that go through our minds and stop us from taking our dating lives by the horns:

1. What if you have a girlfriend?

I mean, what if he has a girlfriend? I don’t want to be a home wrecker. What if he has a girlfriend and mentions her once I approach him? Yeah, I’d rather not see pictures of his trip with his girlfriend to Cabo. Forget it.

2. I’m probably not your type.

I mean, he probably likes the body builder chicks who meal prep. I mean, I meal prep on and off, but probably not as much as he would like. You know what? Forget it, I’m definitely not his type.

3. What if I am your type?

Wait. What if I am his type and he falls in love with me? I love my freedom, but I’ll end up having to post him on my Insta, and then everyone will start asking questions.

It’s not worth the hassle; let me go back to this workout. Plus, he’s on the treadmill and I prefer guys who do free-weights.

4. Were you waving at me? Probably not.

Yes, it happens to the best of us. The cutie walking by waves and you brush it off because you figure he’s just waving to someone he knows behind you. Then, when you turn around after he’s already long gone, you realize no one was behind you. Damn it.

5. You’ll think I’m a try-hard.

And, if we’re going make it in this relationship, you cannot think of me as a try-hard, so, nope, let me grab this grande white mocha and hope that once you get a glance of my ass, you run out the door after me. Maybe you'll get the hint, but either way, most ladies don't want to seem desperate.

6. What if I hooked up with one of your friends?

Hey, admit it or not, it’s a small damn world and it happens to us all the time. Hot guys seem to cluster together. What if one of your friends was someone from my past?

Yeah, I’ll just continue browsing in the sale section of Urban and pretend I’m not drooling over you right now while you look at the records. I love records. Ugh.

7. My friends wouldn't approve.

Quite frankly, I don’t have the energy to convince my girls how awesome you are when they won’t give you a chance because of something they heard about your reputation. What if you rub one of them the wrong way? That just makes like rougher than it needs to be. So, nah.

8. I crept on you and I didn't like what I saw.

Yes, fellas, girls do this. We can have the biggest crush on you and then, we somehow get ahold of your social media info, and it’s over. Either you’re thirsty or you’re the water fountain.

It just automatically turns us off and we’d rather find someone who won’t give us social media grief.

9. What if you say no?

Ahhh, the biggest fear of all: rejection. No one likes rejection, and I know for a fact I don’t take it well. I know guys deal with this all of the time, but I just can’t.

Maybe one day, the roles can officially switch, but today is just not the day.