The Ridiculous Reasons Why Girls Marry Each Other On Facebook


Females and social networks go together like sushi and low-sodium soy sauce. They were meant for each other. Women use and abuse every social media outlet, and every woman has unique methods in doing so.

In Bitches Like Likes, we discussed the female obsession with getting attention from social media. Everything a girl does on social media has some strategy behind it: selfies, statuses, filters, retweets, #yolo, #sorrynotsorry, etc.

One of the strangest trends among women on social media platforms has to be setting their relationship statuses as married to, or dating, one of their best girlfriends. Unless they are in an officially established same-sex relationship, this is just another method for women to get attention via social media. Here are the various reasons behind why girls decide to marry their BFF via Facebook:

1. To avoid looking like a loser with no relationship status

2. Girl power

3. To let men know they’re giving up and turning lesbian

4. They want men to know that it's hoes over bros

5. They actually are lesbians

6. Their friend is really cool and pretty and they want to show her off

7. Their friend is ugly and they want to be the pretty one in the relationship

8. They DGAF about men

9. To let the world know they don’t need no man

10. They think it's funny

11. They think it's cute

12. They want potential creeps to think they’re lesbian and/or taken

13. They’re feminists

14. They want everyone to know they have a BFF

15. To avoid a relationship status with their actual boyfriend

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr