Why B*tches Love Sushi

by Kayla Inglima

The ladies of Gen-Y have many obsessions, but one of the most frequently occurring is the apparent addiction to sushi that many of us face. Willing to sacrifice our bank accounts, and possibly our nervous systems to mercury poisoning, there is seemingly nothing that can come between us and our sushi cravings. We have found Nemo, and he’s in your girlfriend’s spicy tuna roll.


One of the reasons why girls love sushi so much has to be the accompanying wine. Many restaurants are BYOB, which is both economical and awesome, as you’re able to enjoy your favorite particular wine. The taste combo between crisp wine and salty sushi is pretty much unbeatable. In addition to pairing well, you can get a great buzz, or just get completely sh*tfaced, depending on what mood you’re in.

There are the girls that bring a 750ml bottle of Riesling and nurse it throughout the meal. Then there are girls, like my friends and I, who buy a 1.5 liter of Cavit Pinot Grigio and have to go on a wine run mid-meal to finish the job. There’s also a third category of people who whip out a bottle of Smirnoff and cranberry juice while their Newport cigarettes are spilling out onto the table. Don’t fall into that category -- keep it classy.

Wining and dining is best done with sushi and friends, and that’s part of the reason why sushi dates have become some an essential part of being a girl.

First date

Sushi dates are the best type of first dates. First, the aforementioned wine -- what could cure the awkwardness of a first date better than a few glasses of wine/beer? Plus, with all different types of rolls to choose from, it’s the perfect excuse to share food and get conversation going. I literally started a great conversation with a guy once over eel. Between the combination of alcohol and the exotic food on your plate, a conversation is sure to flourish somehow. If not, at least you got your sushi fix for free.


#sushi #californiaroll #spicytuna #dragonroll It’s practically a rule of sushi to upload a pic and then hashtag the shit out of it. If you want your picture “likes” to sore on Instagram, just upload a nicely filtered sushi pic. It’s almost like sushi uploads cause muscle spasms in the thumb because it seems like everyone has to double tap when scrolling past a picture of your sashimi. Maybe it's because sushi is pretty, or maybe it's because most of the female population of Instagram shares the same sushi addiction. Either way, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Who the hell knows, but half the fun of eating sushi is uploading an edited photomontage to it.

Delicious & Nutritious

Sushi is, relatively, good for you. If you work it right, it can actually be healthy. Even at its worse (tempura, eel sauce, etc.), sushi is still better than let's say, McDonalds. Girls love sushi because it’s fresh and light, with no after-meal guilt.

Terminology & Abbreviations

“OMG let's TOTES go for SUSH at KUJI.” Girls love sushi because it's fun to say. Most Japanese restaurants names are incredibly long words, that probably mean something completely unrelated to sushi, like Watermelon Shoelace.

Regardless, it's always fun for you and your girls to coin abbreviations. Also, what’s not to love about special rolls?! There are always a variety of eccentrically named rolls to choose from. You can probably find one named after your hometown or a variation of the words Hot/Spicy/Sexy/Girl at any sushi spot you enter.

So in the end, why do girls love sushi? Because even though life can be stressful and crazy at times, there’s no reason your food has to be. Have fun, be carefree, and go for sushi tonight.

Kayla Inglima | Elite.