24-Hour Style: How To Get Through An Entire Day In Just One Outfit


The summer brings more than just sweltering heat, trips to the beach and unfortunate sunburns.

There is also this looming pressure to make every single moment count -- if we don't, we'll have wasted the precious sunlight and warm weather that will be gone sooner than we'd like to think.

Summer always feels fleeting, and it's compounded by the fact we don't get these 10 glorious weeks completely off. We're still spending more than 40 hours a week at the office.

It leaves barely any time to enjoy all the extra curricula, like $5 margaritas at happy hours and sunsets watched from rooftops.

And there's certainly no extra time to lug your work bag home and change into a suitable outfit for those events. By the time you're changed and ready to go, the sun has gone down and those margs are now $12.

Carrying multiple outfits around with you 24/7 is out of the picture -- who wants to do that when you're already hot and sticky?

Which leaves only one solution to this tragic summer problem: Choose outfits you can wear from the moment you wake up in your own bed until the second you wake up in someone else's.

From the beach to the BBQ, these are ensembles you can marinate in all day long.

Upgrade the basics.

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You can never go wrong in a good black-and-white combo. A peasant shirt lets your body breathe and a solid pair of black jeans is a staple for any situation.

These Madewell heels look a little intense to rock for 24 hours, but they're actually comfy and made for all-day wear.

Take on the day (and the night) with a romper.

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If you hate shopping and will only consider buying one new thing for summer, please let it be a romper.

You can actually romp around for 24 hours without feeling like you're showing too little or too much.

If you're nervous about buying a romper, look for materials that won't easily ride up and won't stick to you.

Let your body breathe in a loose midi or maxi dress.

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Clearly, you want to steer clear of clothes you'll sweat in. While you can't completely avoid the unfortunate drips down your back or under your arms, a maxi or midi dress is your safest bet for a completely put-together look free from sweaty pits.

Plus, it's easy to it up dress up -- add a little jewelry -- or dress down the look down with flat sandals.

Wear a neutral-colored jumpsuit and get creative with accessories.

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If a romper is your pick for a comfortable brunch-to-bar outfit, a jumpsuit is the answer for Friday afternoons when you head straight to meet the girls after a long day at work.

Sticking with a neutral color scheme allows you to give or take accessories. A jumpsuit is basically a set of pajamas -- so it's your ultimate 24-hour outfit.

Choose fabrics and patterns wisely.

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It doesn't matter if your ensemble looks cute for 24 hours; the most important rule is it has to be comfortable.

A skirt might seem like the simplest clothing item for summer, but you have to be very careful when choosing one you can wear for a longer period of time.

The fabric has to be light, it can't wrinkle easily and if you spill something, it can be covered up easily.

Be flexible.

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One of the most crucial rules for pulling off an outfit for 24 hours is versatility. A chambray shirt paired with shorts that are a bit dressier won't make you stand out like a sore thumb in any situation.

Don't believe me? Ask J.Crew's Jenna Lyons, the queen of chambray.

Images via Polyvore