How To Dress When You're The Friend Who Is Constantly Sweating

by Lydia Mansel

So you're the sweater of the group. You're The Girl Who Is Always Warm.

The one who advises against bringing a jacket to the bar. It can be freezing temps out, but you'll still insist you're sweating under all those layers.

People think they understand our kind, but they don't.

It's not simply just being "hot" or a little "shiny"; it's an uncomfortable wetness, an embarrassing sweat stain, an inconvenient white blouse that now needs to be salvaged from turning yellow.

It can even creep up on you (or down your back) while you're sitting at work. You're finishing up one last email, and BOOM, you're self-conscious about the pit stains growing under both arms.

Summertime for us is both a blessing and a curse. Tank tops eliminate a large portion of the visible problem, but humidity and high temperatures ensure you'll perspire regardless.

Don't sweat the summertime: You shouldn't be worrying about whether or not your body and outfit choice will eventually betray you.

So even if you aren't graced with the no-sweat genes or refuse to use the all-powerful medicinal deodorant, there are ways to avoid becoming the person notorious for sweat stains.

Wear: Low arm dresses

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Here, the pit stains are pretty much nonexistent. While this might not be acceptable during the day in most offices, it's exactly the kind of style that'll hold up as you yell your drink order to the bartender.

Avoid: The color grey

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If you didn't learn this the hard way in high school, listen up now: Grey is not here for you. Grey shows moisture the instant it appears. Grey is the sweaty person's enemy. Pack your grey up with all of your chunky sweaters and down jackets. Trust me.

Wear: Peasant blouses

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Luckily for us, peasant blouses are in full force this season. They're loose, light and usually made of breathable material. Unless you're literally soaking in sweat, a peasant blouse will easily hide any sign of perspiration. (Thank you, fashion lords.)

Avoid: White tanks

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I always thought light colors and white were the perfect ways to get around the pit stain... But how very wrong I was. Sweat leaves behind a dingy, yellowish tint that just isn't cute.

So even if you manage to get through one humid day without raising your arms to reveal a little dampness, your shirt will probably have lasting damage.

Wear: Linen

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There are some fabrics that just don't breathe. They hold in heat and the only way your body knows how to deal is to sweat it out.

Silk, polyester and nylon are materials you should say "no" to during the summer months.

Linen, on the other hand, is the best fabric you could don. It removes perspiration and will keep you feeling as fresh as possible in a July heatwave.

Images via Polyvore