This Quiz Will Tell You Which Style Of Jeans You Are

Every day, we look into our closets and face a dozen jean styles that speak volumes about the looks we're going for and the moods we're in. It's kind of cool, right? Or, maybe it's just a weird Candice thing.

Boyfriend jeans make you look effortlessly trendy, but a skinny jean is classically chic and simple. Mom jeans should only be worn if you want to DGAF while also looking a little retro trendy.

On the other hand, distressed designer jeans are just right to make you look effortlessly cool. Jeggings are a lot like wearing pajamas pants that make you look deceptively well put together. You get the picture. LOTS of pants choices on your sartorial horizon.

I've come up with the best quiz ever created in the history of time. It will answer your deepest, darkest question about your innermost psyche: If you were a pair of jeans, what pair would you be?

Personally, I'd like to think of myself as a pair of jeggings. Realistically, I'm more of a mom jean. What are you? Take this quiz and find out.