What Will They Think of Next? Tampon Delivery, Apparently (Video)

First came Netflix, then came Seamless. It seems as if we can get pretty much anything delivered to our doors. So, when we came across this Post-Ons tampon delivery service, we’ve got to admit that we were skeptical – aren’t some things just better to pick up ourselves?

That is, until we watched the founders’ hilarious video, which definitely made us laugh and maybe even a little bit more inclined to sign up. After all, it’s never fun to experience that moment of panic when we realize it’s that time of the month and we’ve got nothing in our purses.

And, doesn’t this seem to always happen when we’re at our guy friend's apartment? Hmm…maybe we should be sending Post-Ons to our dude’s places….

Watch this laugh-out-loud video and perhaps play a nice little prank (that you can benefit from!) on your guy pals.

Post-Ons from Maggie Kimball on Vimeo.