What A Man's Graphic T-Shirt Says About His Personality

What we choose to wear and how we present ourselves can provide great insight into who we are.

Fashion is an expression of oneself. It’s a reflection of our personalities, tastes and thoughts.

Graphic tees, in particular, with their sayings and pictures and words, reveal a lot about the wearer of the garment.

If you’re drawn to an ironic or funny shirt, for example, you can appreciate good humor and like to spread that smile.

If you’re into the skull look, on the other hand, you’re probably a little rough around the edges and like to appear tough.

It’s all a matter of personality and personal style.

Men, you probably don’t think about your ratty t-shirt as much as women do, but you should know that we’ll use anything to help decipher who you are.

Your clothes are the first context clues into your personality. So maybe you should rethink that Hawaiian button-down…

Here is what men’s graphic tees say about them:

The fake designer logo

[caption id="attachment_952434" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Tumblr[/caption]

We hate to break it to you, but you’re a tool. Seriously, if someone were looking for a spare part or blunt surface, we would direct him to you.

Guys who wear punny designer shirts aren’t douchebags; they are douchebags trying to act like what they believe a cool douche is like.

Unfortunately, very much like your fake designer t-shirt, you will never be the real thing.

The actual designer logo

What are you even doing in a logo t-shirt? Don’t men like you not like labels? You’re the kind of guy who is so outrageously affected that you happily spend an exorbitant amount of money on clothing that you can find at Target.

You’re basically the Modern Art equivalent of a man -- anyone can be you, but because you slapped a price tag on it, you think you're special.

No one really understands why you’re great, but you have enough money to convince yourself that that's not true.

The Affliction

For all the ex-Ed-Hardy dudes still wearing these ugly motifs, we’re here to send you your final notice: It’s not 2001 anymore and, at age 45, you’re not allowed to hang out at the teen club.

You used to wear Von Dutch and now you’re desperately trying to keep it relevant by using the word “flex” wrong.

You follow Pauly D on Twitter and you’ve traveled at least once to see him deejay.

Face the facts: You’re never going to get that motorcycle either.

The quirky Urban Outfitters

Your ex-girlfriend told you to go there and buy some clothes and now when you wear this shirt, instead of making you laugh, it makes you think of her.

You’re not hilarious yourself (which is why you’re relying on a t-shirt to do it for you), but you can appreciate good humor.

In short, you’re kind of completely normal. Compared to other guys you know from high school, though, you’re fine with that.

American Eagle

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again because we have a strong feeling your brain is fried from getting high off bad cologne: You need to grow up.

The closest you’ve come to “mature” is playing that Batman video game in your basement.

The marijuana leaf / tie dye / Bob Marley

We get it. You smoke weed and love to blaze. You’d rather stay in, spend $50 on pot, smoke yourself silly and watch a Will Ferrell movie than spend $50 on a boozy night out at places where you have to take off your marijuana leaf t-shirt to get in.

We know what this is really about though, you just don’t want to shower.


You are basically advertising to the world that you drink a lot, spend money and are a bro. The same goes for charity organization or event shirts.

You’re the kind of guy who refers to your outfit -- casual t-shirts and jeans -- as your “off-duty look,” but then insist you care more about basketball than fashion.

This shirt was clearly mass-produced, just like you.

The shirts with naked girls and/or suggestive cartoons

How is this a cool shirt to wear? Is this meant to be funny? Because it’s making us really sad.

You clearly have not gotten laid in a while or else you wouldn’t have to be constantly reminded of what it looks like.

You have absolutely no style, which probably also extends to your personality.

The sports team

You’re a total dude. You don’t care what the F your graphic tee says about you because you don’t wear graphic tees, you wear YOUR TEAM.

You can’t be bothered with silly posts like this when there’s a game going on.

The one with the arrows

The one thing you lack more than personality is originality. The most you’ve ever been recognized in life is right now, this post.

The Che Guevara / Grateful Dead / Jimi Hendrix / icon shirt

You’re probably oblivious to what these people actually stood for, but you wear them proudly anyway because they’re trendy.

Congratulations to you and everyone else who read a Rolling Stone Top 20 or watched a “20/20” on the most influential people of a different decade than this one.

You still haven’t actually tried acid, despite talking about it incessantly. Much like the rest of your life, it’s time to sh*t or get off the pot.

The tuxedo shirt

Almost as bad as wearing a t-shirt with an airbrushed six-pack. You’re basically telling the world you half-ass everything, from your formal-wear to your physique.

You think you’re the jokester of the group, but, in reality, you’re just the only one silly enough to volunteer yourself to transport the ecstasy on spring break.

Take off that ridiculous shirt. You’re not fooling anyone.

The redneck ones

You probably have a tattoo that got botched when you flinched at the needle and now tell people it means something deep and personal.

You’re not nearly as intimidating as your shirt would have people believe. But you definitely own a gun and a proud NRA membership. You dislike things more than you like them, especially when it comes to women.

The only thing scarier to you than a strong female? A pro-choice woman... because that means there was a chance you wouldn’t have survived.