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These 3 DIY Photo Booth Backdrops Are Perfect For Any Wedding Party

With the rise of selfies (you won't believe how many selfies an average millennial takes each week) and selfies sticks, photo booth backdrops have become a necessary feature of every party. To get the best silly pictures out of your friends and family, you need to have a festive backdrop and fun props.

Weddings are no time to skimp on an amazing photo booth, so we have three easy backdrops for you that won't break the bank or take too long to prepare.

Not getting married? Don't worry — these three backdrops are perfect for any occasion, like a birthday party, baby shower or even a housewarming party.

Try a stylish typographic background.

Materials: Cardboard letters Spray paint Hot glue gun Fishing line

Use a hot glue to attach your letters. Some letters may be tricky and will need an extra piece of cardboard for support.

Grab your favorite color spray paint and spray away. Remember not to hold the can too close, or your paint won't be even. Add multiple coats until the color is solid.

Create fun props out of paper (like lips and mustaches) to get your guests acting silly. We got this sequined backdrop off of Amazon.

Make a brightly-colored backdrop for the boho babe.

Materials: Tapestry Jersey fabric in three colors Honeycomb paper dome Paper flowers Twine

Cut your jersey fabric into strips that measure about 20 inches long.

Loop them onto a piece of twine or rope to create a tassel garland.

Hang your tapestry and decorate the edges with your garland, honeycombs and paper flowers.

Grab old frames from a thrift store to use as photo booth props. Spray paint them to match the color palette of your wedding.

For the budget bride, try something inexpensive but chic.

Materials: 5 yards of tulle in four colors Paper Cardboard Twine Scissors

Cut your tulle into strips that are about 12 inches wide and 5 feet long. You will end up with around four strips of each color.

Tie the strips together to make one long piece of tulle, then wrap it around the length of the cardboard. Wrap and tie the tulle in the center, then cut the edges to revel your pom-pom.

Create smaller pom-poms by wrapping the tulle around the shorter section of the cardboard. We used two strands of tulle to make the smaller ones.

Create smaller pom-poms by wrapping the tulle around the shorter section of the cardboard.

There are two great things about tulle. One, it's very cheap! One yard of tulle costs about 99 cents. And two, it is light and easily packed. You can squish all your pom-poms together in a box and, when you open up the lid, they will pop back to life.

Use a cutting board or scissors to create triangle bunting to adorn your tulle pom-poms for a photo booth backdrop.

We used fishing line and tape to help tack these pieces to a wall of ivory. Since the tulle and paper bunting are so light, they had no problem staying in place.

The Best Day Ever cardboard sign also works great as a photo booth prop!