This Is What Happens When You Remove Sexism From Tabloid Headlines (Photos)

by Katie Gonzalez

You ever wonder what our news consumption would be like without all that blatant sexism?

Finding out may never be a reality, but that doesn't mean we can't take a humorous spin on how our media headlines portray women.

Vagenda Magazine dared its readers to decode the headlines that they were reading from mostly tabloid mags or fashion pieces and say what was really going on.

The transformation is understandably hilarious. Passive aggressive headlines like "She'll do anything for Girls! Lena Dunham shows off her body in unflattering shorts as she films hit show" becomes "Hugely talented writer continues work on hit TV show."

Wildly over-descriptive, celeb-inspired headlines, like "Gone with the wind! Taylor Swift's perfect hair gets messed up by sudden gust as she showcases her phsyique in all-black ensemble," is simplified to the more-honest, "It's mildly breezy outside."

While most online sources are known to post click-bait (guilty), these altered headlines show that it's most often at a woman's expense.

H/T: Death and Taxes Magazine, Photos Courtesy: Twitter