5 Subtle Ways To Show Off Your Lingerie Without Feeling Exposed

by Gigi Engle

We only have one question when it comes to the sexy, sassy lingerie we're eyeing for Valentine's Day: How the hell do you wear it underneath your clothes?

Unless you're the kind of couple who make a bee-line for coat check (hey, no judgment!), it's tricky to find an outfit to not only complement your lingerie choice, but also appropriately cover it up until you're safely home and behind closed doors.

You want your entire ensemble to work for the evening -- lingerie included.

So, how exactly do you wear your chemise so you can conceal and shock when you make the big reveal?

Whether it's girlie or bondage, here are five ways to wear your lingerie out of the house this Valentine's Day.

1. For a full bustier:

If you're the kind of gal who prefers to do a classic bustier and bra, you'll want to keep the outfit classic, too.

A dark purple lingerie set under an elegant, ladylike blouse will keep your man guessing as to what's underneath. It's a straightforward approach for a forward type of girl.

2. For a romantic floral bra:

If you're going to wear something sweet, edge it up with a white blouse so your boyfriend can see a hint of your bra underneath (without looking like Nicole Ritchie circa "The Simple Life").

Leave one too many buttons undone for a little extra show -- no one said sweet always had to be nice.

3. For pin-up booty shorts:

An embellished sequin dress is the perfect fabric to mask lacy boy shorts. With a dress that's cinched at the waist, you won't have any trouble with bunching.

Rock a bright red lip and you'll have a look that'd make Betty Page proud.

4. For a dominatrix getup:

If you're the type to dabble in bondage, don't let your outfit prevent you from getting creative with leather sex gear.

If you're dying to wear your dominatrix bra out of the bedroom, opt for a high-cut, sexy black dress to effectively cover every strap.

You'll be sure to have him whipped when it's time to head home.

5. For an all-out ensemble:

If you have the right corset (read: one covering your nipples, Rihanna), indulge in the underwear-as-outerwear trend and skip covering it up.

A peplum skirt will complement your garters while letting your cleavage be the star.

Why not give your body a little love? You've earned it.