10 Genius Ways To Prevent Thigh Chafing That Actually Work

by Amber Petty

A walk on the beach is great — until you realize that your inner thighs are the same color as a freshly boiled lobster.

When it comes to chafing, the struggle is real — and it sucks. If your thighs touch, as mine do, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but if your legs are rubbing together until they're painfully raw, then it might be time to invest in some products that prevent chafing.

As a girl who wears biker shorts under every dress, I know the chafing struggle. Since it seems like skorts aren't making a comeback anytime soon, wearing an extra layer of clothing under a skirt might seem like the only option to avoid chafing — but it's not.

Thankfully, some products have stepped up to the plate to free your thighs from this "friction affliction" and stop chafing once and for all.

Whether you slather on an anti-chafing balm or slip into some surprisingly sexy thigh protectors, there are so many ways to keep your legs comfortable during peak romper weather.

1. These Garters That Actually Do Something


Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Bands, $18, Amazon

Garters always look super hot, but they don't really serve a purpose unless you wear old-timey nylons, which, if you are wearing retro stockings all the time, go you.

These bandelettes, on the other hand, may look like sexy lingerie but they're actually way more functional. Each lacy elastic band features a non-slip silicone lining to hold the bands in place to protect your skin from chafing. Pair them with your short dresses, your pencils skirts, or let them peek out under your favorite shorts for a fashionable, functional summer accessory.

2. This Lotion That Stops Chafing Everywhere


Fresh Breasts Lotion, $12, Amazon

One, I have to commend any product that just comes out and calls itself "Fresh Breasts." It cuts to the chase and I like it.

Even better, this lotion isn't just for your boobs, but anywhere you need a chafing solution.  The lotion is cooling, soothing, and prevents wetness wherever you put it. It goes on as a non-greasy cream and dries into a light powder that won't get all over your clothes. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, and talc-, paraben-, and aluminum-free, so it's safe to use.

3. These Super Lightweight Shorts That You'll Forget You're Even Wearing


Jockey Women's Skimmies Slipshorts (Sizes S-3X), $18-$20, Amazon

Regularly wearing two layers of clothing as the weather warms up can get really old. But these shorts are so light, you'll forget they're even there. They're long enough to protect your thighs from chafing and they're specially designed to keep the legs from rolling up or the waist from falling down. The nylon and spandex give it excellent stretch, but the gusset is all cotton to improve breathability and prevent chafing.

If you're doing a lot of walking or just need some guaranteed chafe protection, these will keep you comfy all day.

4. This Powder That Stops Butt Sweat


Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder, $9, Amazon

The thighs aren't always the center of the chafing problem. Sometimes butt sweat can make you uncomfortable. This powder is specifically designed to absorb sweat and leave a satiny smooth finish. It smells nice and its cooling power will last through any intense workout or day spent in the sun.

One hyper-enthusiastic Amazon reviewer wrote: "THIS right here has been life-changing! I use this EVERY DAY! I put it in many areas of my body that chafe and are often red and rubbed raw. My skin no longer has red and rubbed-raw areas."

5. This Balm That Protects Your Sensitive Areas


Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, $11, Amazon

Monistat is probably your go-to brand for yeast infections, but this chafing gel is just as worthy of your money.

Newsflash: If there's a place on your body with skin, it can chafe. That includes the bikini area and when chafing hits there, it can be seriously painful. This gel dries into a light powder and creates a barrier between your skin and any possible moisture. Plus, it contains vitamin E to give your skin an extra healthy boost.

6. This Incredibly Popular Body Lube


Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $19, Amazon

More than 2,500 people have taken time out of their lives to write glowing reviews for Bodyglide.

This vegan balm is applied just like a regular deodorant, but you put it wherever you need chafing protection. The long-lasting, non-greasy formula protects your skin and won't clog your pores or stain your clothes.

One Amazon user left this promising review: "This is a miracle product. You don't feel it once it's on, but it prevents discomfort and chafing. It doesn't stain, it doesn't smell. Like I said, it's a miracle."

7. This Cooling Cream That Is Technically Made For Men But Works For Women


Fresh Balls Lotion, $11, Amazon

Sure, this lotion says it's made for a guy's balls, but don't be fooled, this lotion works on anybody (and any part of the body). There's no talc or parabens, and the gel dries into a cooling, smooth powder. If you dislike the scent of "feminine" products, this unisex lotion is an excellent option.

8. These Anti-Chafing Towelettes You Can Toss In Your Bag


2Toms Sport Shield Towelette, $15 (10 Count), Amazon

I already have a ton of stuff in my bag, so personally, I'd rather not add a huge bottle of anti-chafing gel to the mix. Instead, these towelettes are individually wrapped and easy to stow in a backpack or a back pocket. Just wipe on and you have chafing and blister protection that won't sweat off.

9. This Easy-To-Use Spray For Instant Chafing Relief


TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant, $15, Amazon

If you'd rather not slather on anti-chafing goop with your hands, then try this mess-free, spray-on skin lube.

It's still sweat-proof and waterproof and won't rub off and stain your clothes. Plus, this spray isn't just good for thigh chafing, it can also help get you into wetsuits or other tight attire. Ah, yes — finally, you can wear those leather pants you love on a 100-degree day!

10. This All-Natural Balm For Happy Thighs


Rocket Pure Natural Anti-Chafe Balm, $16, Amazon

If you'd rather use tea tree and rosemary oils on your skin than harsh chemicals, this natural balm is your answer. Made in the United States and paraben-free, this stick glides on with no mess and keeps your skin safe from chafing.

If you're worried a natural option may not offer the same level of protection as its chemical-laden competitors, fear not. This balm has nearly 100 rave reviews on Amazon from happy (verified) customers.

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