How To Deal With Every Gross Thing That Happens To Your Skin In Summer

by Niki McGloster

Forget, for a minute, all your body-sculpting and slimming goals for bikini season. There are tons of other sweat-worthy situations that can put a damper on your sun-filled activities.

And fine, you’re probably thinking, "Eff it! It's summer! Don’t sweat the small stuff!"

But when the small stuff has you scratching your nether regions (or some other extremity), burning from the inside out or catching a whiff of a wretched stench, it’s time to take action.

From campfire meltdowns to mosquito no-nos, here are the oddly specific remedies to soothe all your weird summer ailments.

When bugs get b*tchy...

The more exposed skin you show, the more access bugs have to make you part of their weekly meal plan. Swarms of creepy, crawly, flying insects are out for blood, so when you forget your bug spray, reach for the closest tube of minty Colgate.

The menthol will relieve any itching and provide a refreshing cooling sensation to the irritated area.

When your hair probably smells like bleach...

If you’re spending sunny days splashing around your community pool, dip into your kitchen cupboard to cleanse the chlorine from your tresses. There’s two ways to hit a hair refresh: Ditch your shampoo and wash with apple cider vinegar, or glob on tomato paste and let it sit for 30 minutes.

That’s enough time for you to squeeze in some other God-awful beauty regimen required to look (and feel) like a lady.

When sweat drips down your, err, balls...

When perspiration gets trapped under the skin, you can say hello to heat rash (also known as miliaria). Most often, the pesky skin ailment surfaces during hot and humid weather and usually heals with no assistance.

To calm your skin, follow the almighty Oprah, and douse the irritation with peppermint tea.

Want a pro-tip? Stick to breathable fabrics.

When the fire goes out...

Campfires are cool (s’mores matter!), but when you’re left smelling like Smokey Bear at the club, it sucks. Lift the smell of charred wood from your clothes with your favorite college spirit: vodka on the rocks.

Spray a mix of H20 and Russian water on your clothes to neutralize the unpleasant aroma and then let the sun soak up the rest.

Then, well, do as any smart chick would do and drink responsibly.

When even your hair needs laundry day...

Deodorizing your 'do after soaking up some serious fumes is as easy as scrapping your diet for a greasy cheeseburger (sorry, Beyoncé!).

Rub down your comb or brush with a few dryer sheets, then run the brush through your style. Expect instant freshness (minus the Snuggle-like softness). You can also try a thorough wash with a cup of baking soda.

When your skin is on burn notice...

Sunburns are right up there with Jon Snow's death on the unwritten list of Worst Things Ever In Life. But if you skip out on sunscreen, your skin will pay an even bigger price than Shireen Baratheon (too soon?).

The scorching sun ain't loyal, but if you're brave enough, applying a mixture of vinegar and water will take the burn out of your burn (yes, there's science to back this up).

For the less valiant, you can use milk to soothe scorched skin.