Julien L. Balmer

9 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Style This Spring

When it comes to fashion, is there anything more stressful than the change of seasons?

Everything in your closet suddenly looks old and decrepit when spring rolls around. Your sweaters are too heavy. Your tops have long sleeves. All of the colors you're seeing are too dark. Every decision in the morning feels like the wrong one. How can you have so many clothes and yet NOTHING to wear?

But your name isn't Moneybags McGee. You don't have the bread to go out and overhaul your entire closet (even though that's exactly what you dreamed of last night). You instead need to focus on key elements you can add to your existing collection that will bring a breath of fresh spring air to your entire wardrobe.

Here are nine easy ways to amp up your style this spring that will make you feel great and be totally on trend — without breaking the bank.

Denim on denim

Have you been longing to recreate the famous denim-on-denim looks of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa the 2001 VMAs? Well, I have some good news for you! But seriously, this spring, you can wear a Canadian tuxedo every day and be totally on trend — especially if you incorporate some lightweight denim into your style.

Pro tip: Pick a denim jacket with a raw-edge trim. It'll add a lived-in charm to a weekend-ready look.


Big plaids

We're not talking about Catholic schoolgirl plaid or farm-girl gingham — we're talking about big plaids in bold colors. Don't be afraid to add this big print to your style: It looks chic in any piece of your wardrobe.

Pro tip: Rock your plaid with a pair of black distressed skinny jeans.


Mini bucket bag

Say goodbye to your totes and clutches. Mini bucket bags are all the rage this spring, and they're a chic, compact size to boot.

Pro tip: Choose one with wingy tassels and pebble-grained faux leather for an upscale look that's totally on trend.


Latin infusion

If you've always longed to be a flamenco dancer, you're about to be very, very happy: Latin-inspired fashion and its flirty flounces are all over the runway right now.

Pro tip: Take your flounces to the next level by choosing a statement piece with embroidery or beading.


Block heel

The block heel is the new stiletto. The beauty of this show-stopping heel is that it can be worn with anything anywhere — from work to play.

Pro tip: Choose a shoe with a wooden block heel to incorporate a retro-chic vibe to your look.



The flares of the 1970s are back to replace your jeggings and boyfriend jeans. Great news for the curvier girls out there — the bell shape balances your hips for a totally slenderizing look.

Pro tip: Incorporate your newly-purchased flares into your aforementioned denim-on-denim ensemble.


Faux-leather backpacks

If the mini bucket bag is too small for your everyday life, upgrade to a faux-leather backpack. Whether you carry it by the top handle or sling it over your shoulders, this versatile backpack will carry your gear in style.

Pro tip: Consider buying a faux-leather backpack with gleaming hardware and a lined interior for a purchase that is both fashion-forward and practical.


Cold shoulder

For your spring gym routine, make sure you're focusing on toning those shoulders, because they'll be on full display. The "cold shoulder" is a hot look for both day and night.

Pro tip: Make the next little black dress you buy a cold shoulder shift. It's the perfect look for the busy girl who doesn't have time to change between work and a date.


The lace up

Start leaving a little extra time to put your shoes on in the morning, because flats, sandals and heels are getting the lace-up treatment. The best part? Sweeping laces provide the perfect backdrop for showing off your latest pedi.

Pro-tip: Buy your lace ups in a bold color and pair them with your favorite LBD to add a trendy flare to a classic look.