Warby Parker Set To Dress Up Google Glasses

Apple is on fire lately with the rumored (and confirmed) releases of multiple wearable electronics. Their newest promotion, Google Glass, is their latest big hit.

If you've been living under a rock, Google Glass is essentially a device which will put the Internet in your eye at all times. The wearer will be able to control the glasses by telling it to do things like take pictures/videos and give you driving directions.

Yes, these glasses are the glasses of the future (and something straight out of "The Jetsons"), but they’re not the most aesthetically appealing form of eyewear on the market. This has caused a recent debate. Should “wearable electronics” be stylish, even though style is not necessarily their purpose/area of expertise?

Why not! Why shouldn’t everything be stylish? Warby Parker seems to agree. The company is a favorite amongst hipsters who prefer to not spend hundreds on designer glasses, and seems to be in talks with Google to try and make Google Glasses more stylish.

What do you think these glasses would look like?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images