Powerful Poem Perfectly Represents Woman Who 'Are Difficult To Love' (Video)

by Gigi Engle

I've always been one of those women who men have found difficult to love. I'm strong-willed and used to getting my own way. I'm terribly defiant and quite certain that what I say is (nearly) always true.

This video perfectly encapsulates that dark, sometimes frustrating feeling of being this type of woman.

So ready and willing to accept love, but so very engrained in everything we so profoundly believe in. We feel the pull of someone we want very desperately, but at the same time we feel him moving away from us and our hard-headed mindsets.

Watch the video in all its perfect visual manifestation of what it feels like when you are a woman who doesn't find love to be a fairy tale. The modern woman. The woman of Gen-Y.

We are many in this generation -- filled with our aspirations, terrified to let anything hold us back and sometimes just too much for a man to handle.

We are mighty, but we are an exhausting bunch -- not right for the feeble or the man who lacks the will for a serious challenge. It is balance we seek and perhaps it doesn't exist. Either way, we have found ourselves very difficult to love.

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