Untamable Women: Why Some Women Need Adventure, Not A Partner

Untamable girls are a catch-22: They’re the most coveted, yet the most elusive.

She is the woman you chase to the edge of the cliff, where you can either stand and watch, or jump off with her; either way, you're on your own.

Women like this -- the wild, unsettled and fiercely independent -- aren’t single because they can’t find men; they're single because they don’t want men.

They don’t want love, they want passion. They don’t want routine, they want sleepless nights. They don't want your approval, they want their own.

Untamable women are a rarity in a society that endorses the dependent nature of the female. Men can’t figure them out; submissive women hate them, and mothers pray for them.

Men, however, remain the most confused. They treat women as the famed perception of the woman on which they’ve been raised -- Hollywood depictions of empty girls whose sole aspiration is to find a husband.

They assume marriage is the golden ticket -- their best offer, the one thing to which a woman can’t say no.

Unfortunately, that offer is rejected by the untamable woman. Because an untamable woman doesn't want a proposal, she wants a plane ticket.

She wants to move away as far as possible, see the world, meet new people and distance herself from the idea of commitment.

Untamable women are about the love of freedom, not matrimony. They are scorned for their lifestyle, judged for their actions and talked about behind close doors.

Yet, like the men who try to grab them, none of that will hold them down.

Marriage is about oaths; she’s all about breaking rules.

It’s not that an untamable woman doesn’t respect the bonds of marriage, she just refuses to be bound.

She knows not to enter small rooms or relationships for the sole purpose of refusing to feel suffocated.

She may be a free spirit, but she also doesn't do anything on which she knows she can't follow through.

Marriage is about questions; she answers to no one.

She doesn’t answer to anyone, not even her significant other. She is her own person, never part of another.

Her freedom spans from her actions to her ardent refusal to tell you about them. She's not used to telling people where she's going -- she just goes.

Marriage is about engagements; she's just about parties.

It's not that she can't compromise, she'd just rather not.

She lives her life like a nomad and refuses to be weighed down by responsibility -- even if they're all for her.

Marriage is about stability; she's all about chaos.

The untamed woman is one of spontaneity. At any given point, she could revert or relinquish old habits.

Don't think you know her next move... because you don't.

Marriage is about babies; she's not ready to grow up.

Marriage is all about those next steps, but she's all about the missed ones. She doesn't see her life as a series of checked boxes, but the white lines between them.

She wants to experience all those things couples miss when they decide to focus on the plan in front of them.

Marriage is about routine; she hates schedules.

She'll never have dinner ready at 5 pm because she doesn't know where she'll be or what she'll be doing at that time.

The idea of having a set routine is about as scary as is depending on her for all your meals.

Marriage is about forever; she's about the moment.

Forever sounds nice, but it doesn't sound fun. The untamable woman isn't about longevity, but spontaneity.

She lives for the passing second and minutes, not the years and decades. She doesn't know what is going to happen tonight and sure as hell doesn't know what's going to happen in two years.

Marriage is about serving two people; she's only waiting in line for herself.

It's not that the untamable woman isn't caring, she just isn't doting. She cares about herself first because that's who she must answer to every day.

She takes care of herself, puts herself to bed and loves herself the way every woman should.

Marriage is ups and downs; she's still trying to ride that high.

Getting married means getting down -- for the hard times, the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.

It's not that the untamable woman doesn't help a man when he's down, but she's not trying to be the one who puts him there. She's all about enjoying her own ride and picking herself up.

She's the source of her own highs and lows, and never allows anyone to control her speed.

Marriage is about reigning it in; she just wants to be free.

Marriage is about fences and leashes. It's about one becoming two. It's about giving up your old life for a new one.

The untamable woman does not want a new life; she's perfectly content with the one she has.