Underwear Brand Gets Stamp Of Approval For Featuring Real Women

The National Eating Disorders Association awarded American Eagle's intimates line, Aerie, its first “Inspire” stamp of approval for displaying non-Photoshopped models on its website and ads.

In 2014, Aerie launched its #aerieREAL campaign featuring unretouched, real women (read: women with shapes and sizes you can recognize and relate to) in its promotions for the brand.

NEDA announced on Monday it partnered with Aerie to not only support its “socially responsible” initiative but to also commend its use of realistic images.

It does, however, take some navigating on the Aerie website to find this range of bodies. And while these images definitely have not been retouched or manipulated, it's not exactly like these women needed it.

It looks like Aerie did a pretty good job of casting models who already looked flawless. To Aerie's credit, this does help us realize Photoshopping naturally beautiful models feels egregious and further sends the wrong message.

Aerie is successfully aiding in the movement to showcase real-bodied women -- not ones whose arms and legs have been artificially shaved off to appear thinner.

Perhaps the lingerie world is finally understanding what we “real people” have known all along: Bras and underwear are more appealing to buy when they're advertised using people with tits and asses rather than with stick-thin women who need to be Photoshopped to fill out the pieces.

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